Hello from a Very Frigid Winter in Northeast Wisconsin

Hello from a Very Frigid Winter in Northeast Wisconsin

Hello from a very frigid winter in Northeast Wisconsin and February of 2014 seems to be following that same pattern; as on February 2nd marked the traditional “Groundhog Day” whereas our fury friend saw his shadow, being frightened, crawled back in his humble abode, and thus predicting 6 more longgg weeks of winter!

It seems this winter marks one of the coldest winters in history. More over, there have been some extremely abnormal weather patterns throughout the United States, for example Atlanta, Georgia on some recent winter days of 2014 had colder temperatures than Anchorage, Alaska! Go Figure!!

Also on February 2nd was Super Bowl Sunday were the Denver Broncos were completely overwhelmed by the unstoppable Seattle Sea Hawks outplaying the Broncos in every aspect of the game! As the month of February continues; in the town of Stockbridge, Wisconsin in which I reside, marks the traditional Sturgeon Spearing Season opening February 8th and running 16 days or until the limit is reached set by the DNR (Department of Natural Resources).

Stockbridge is the Sturgeon Center of the World and what a great season all the fishermen & women have had. With water clarity at it’s best in several years, this 2014 season was short lived; reaching a harvest of 90% adult females in 5 days and ending the season on day 6; however a very rewarding season with 1,854 fish harvested and the largest fish speared this year weighing 161.0 lbs. – measuring 77.1″ in length. Now that’s a fish!!

February 14th also celebrates St. Valentine who was a Roman Priest, Martyr, and the Patron Saint of Lovers. Valentine’s Day is a day of love, forgiveness, tolerance, and kindness. How ironic, a man known for love & tolerance was beheaded because of his support & belief in Christian marriage of love & tolerance!

February also commemorates all of our President’s of this great country on February 17th, and of course celebrating 2 renowned and well remembered President’s birthdays,Abraham Lincoln on the 12th & George Washington on the 22nd.

Besides all of the many celebrations and activities this month, February also is American Heart Month; as a matter of fact two of our family members recently have both been touched with a new life, the life of a heart! A huge heart felt “Thank You” to all the people that make this American Heart Month so rewarding and commendable!