October is Almost in the Books

October is Almost in the Books

October is almost in the books and what an incredible October, 2013 it has been!

As the leaves have been turning and starting to fall, nights definitely getting cooler, fall crops being harvested, fire wood being cut, split, and stored; our fall in Northeast Wisconsin is at its peak. From the temperature ranging in the high 80’s a mere 3 weeks ago to some rather cool nights in the high 20’s just recently,  Wisconsin is true to its legend: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute; it will change”!

This month also marks some noteworthy dates as the whole month of October has been Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I can’t forget to mention another celebration we enjoyed in October, my son-in-laws birthday. “Keep it going Mike, you are a ‘great’ father & husband!” 

There are other special days in October: Physician’s Assistant Day (6th), World Teachers Day (5th), Christopher Columbus Day (8th), Navy Day (27th), & Navy founded on the 13th. 

Some pretty incredible people that are honored in October, wouldn’t you agree! The month of October also acknowledges and celebrates Fire Prevention Week which is always the 2nd week in October.

If you haven’t done so yet, please install and/or check the batteries in your smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors; it is very cheap insurance and easy to do. I personally have witnessed incidents as how a simple smoke alarm has saved lives!